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The opportunities provided by ductless temperature control are nearly limitless. If you’ve got a tough to heat/cool space, renovation project, addition, minimal installation space, or any type of comfort challenge, a ductless mini- or multi-split system is the perfect solution. These compact systems manage a single or multiple rooms, can be up and running in a single day, and require no tearing into walls. Plus, you enjoy zoned control for personalized comfort and greater cost savings. If you’re interested in a quiet, versatile, and energy efficient ductless heat pump or air conditioner, get in touch with Georgetown Air Conditioning & Heating at (512) 869-5017 for a full range of services across Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas.

Ductless Heating & Cooling System Solutions

Georgetown Air Conditioning & Heating draws from the leading names in HVAC. We bring you cutting-edge innovations for more precision control, remote access, exceptional air filtration, unmatched dehumidification, and plenty of power to quickly increase or decrease temperature. Featuring inverter technology, modern ductless options automatically adjust operation to deliver the right amount of heating/cooling necessary, promoting more even comfort and amazing efficiency levels. Let Georgetown Air Conditioning & Heating design the right system for you! Local, trusted, and experienced, our team completes expert ductless installation, maintenance, and repair throughout Georgetown, Sun City, Florence, Liberty Hill, Jarrell, Round Rock, and Leander, TX.

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